Latitude Hotels sees its relationship with the local economy as a symbiotic one, and hence corporate social responsibility and sustainability is at the very heart of our brand DNA.

In the design, build and development phase we have used local architects, local labour, local interior design, local subcontractors, and sourced local materials, arts and crafts wherever possible. This philosophy transcends to our day-to-day operations also, and ultimately making an economic difference is the best form of sustainability there is.

We are proud that all of Latitude 13's thirty-four staff are Malawian, and that Bridget Mangulama-Goneso is Malawi's first female General Manager. Further we are sponsoring Sherrie, our Deputy GM, to complete a Diploma in Hotel Management, having also sponsored our store keeper, Clement, in his Accounting Diploma (he is now going onto doing a full degree at the Malawi College of Accountancy).

Kaya Mawa has been actively involved in the community for a long time, and has in various ways assisted in the schooling of over 1000 children, planting some 500 trees per annum, and backing the establishment of Katundu a local arts and crafts business which employs single mothers. Katundu moreover supplied many of the lampshades and light fittings installed in its sister hotel, Latitude 15 in Zambia.

Latitude 15 made use of Zambian architects (Tom Harvey and Gabriel Chishimba), engineers and quantity surveyors...used local labour.....employed some twenty local sub-contractors, and even sourced POS and state-of-the-art reservations software locally. All of which proves that the local economy is perfectly capable of competing with the greater international business community.

An expensive carbonated water purification system was imported to take advantage of the prolific onsite borehole, and Latitude 15 now bottles its own still and sparkling water, complementary to all customers, and saving on high transportation and distribution costs and the associated environmental impact. The interior of the hotel is a showcase for local artwork, all of which create a unique vibe unlike any formulaic hotel.