Wowing residents and tourists with the sort of fine dining and levels of comfort and service not normally found in African cities

A unique African lifestyle brand, The Latitude Hotels Group marries the very best of the local community in which it is based, with all the conveniences the traveller would expect at home. It is our aim that the resulting blend creates an experience which brings pleasure to our customers, and a desire for them to linger for longer.

We provide an escape from the dust, the chaos, and the crowds which characterize so many African city centres. Each offering knits together the best of the local community with the amenities and products one would expect to have anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of fleecing customers on wifi, laundry, etc; of dead animals on the walls and floors;  of "sorry it's dark, there has been a power cut; a sterile lobby cafe serving mediocre food or rank wine.

Boutique implies bespoke and personal attention.We provide a relaxed vibe in fresh and communal spaces and comfort and space in private rooms.

Likewise our staff are trained to enhance the experience....recognizing their clientele, knowing when a customer wants their space, when to be invisibly attentive, or indeed when customers might appreciate a chat and don't want soulless subservience.

Local residents who like the place will recommend it to visitors as a place to stay. Visitors who like it, will want to arrange their meetings there. All of which depends on staff who enjoy being Latitude employees, in an environment that appeals!